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Bug#247343: should show which partitions are going to be formated

Package: lvmcfg
Severity: minor

In the following screen asking whether it's okay to write changed to
the disk, it should show which devices are going to be formated
(similarly to what partman shows).

    [!!] Partition disks 
    Before the Logical Volume Manager can be configured, the current      
    paritioning scheme has to be written to disk. These changes cannot be 
    After the Logical Volume Manager is configured, no additional changes 
    to the partitions in the disks containing physical volumes are        
    allowed. Please decide if you are satisfied with the current          
    partitioning scheme in these disks before continuing.                 
    Write the changes to the storage devices and configure LVM?           
        <Go Back>                                       <Yes>    <No>     

Martin Michlmayr

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