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Bug#247342: LVM devices presented in strange way

Package: partman

I created some LVM devices, and they were presented in partman like

   /dev/tbm/home - 5.3 GB
   >      #1   5.3 GB   f xfs        /home
   /dev/tbm/media - 9.6 GB
   >      #1   9.6 GB   f reiserfs   /media

When I choose the first entry (/dev/tbm/home - 5.3 GB), I would get
the standard warning about partitioning a whole device... however,
/dev/tbm/home is correct... it's comparable to /dev/hda1, rather than
/dev/hda.  I think it would be better to represent them like this:

   /dev/tbm/home  - 5.3 GB  f  xfs       /home
   /dev/tbm/media - 9.6 GB  f  reiserfs  /media

or probably:

          home      5.3 GB   f xfs        /home
          media     9.6 GB   f reiserfs   /media

Martin Michlmayr

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