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Bug#247324: base-config: [INTL:tr] base-config doesn't use Turkish messages

Package: base-config
Version: 2.20
Severity: important

In the second-stage installation, base-config fallbacks to English and
doesn't use Turkish.  I've noticed that if I generate the UTF-8 Turkish
locale (tr_TR.UTF-8), no problem occurs.

Regarding the locale issues, Turkish has somewhat an exceptional
situation.  It has two different locales:

  ISO mode:	tr_TR (or tr_TR.ISO-8859-9) -- also known as latin5
  UTF-8 mode:	tr_TR.UTF-8

Although we use UTF-8 charmap in Turkish po files, we intentionally
choose tr_TR (ISO-8859-9) locale in languagechooser.  Because UTF-8 mode
has some serious problems (especially in virtual consoles) and ISO mode
is much more mature than UTF-8 mode (I hope the situation will be
improved in future).  So using a single UTF-8 locale in everywhere is
not the proper solution for this problem, though it is the most
straight-forward solution.  What I want is a mechanism to generate both
locales before running the base-config.  For the current case, only the
tr_TR.ISO-8859-9 locale is generated as it should be.  I examined the
termwrap which is responsible for the locale generation in
prebase-config stage.  I think a dirty kludge could be added to the
appropriate portions of termwrap for Turkish, or we could do something
in 'prebase-config' to generate tr_TR.UTF-8 locale.


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