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Bug#229332: installation-report

reassign 229332 kernel
retitle 229332 keyboard doesn't work with 2.4, but works with 2.6

* Matthias Barmeier <barmeier@barmeier.de> [2004-05-04 16:20]:
> |> The welcome screen comes up after pressing ENTER boot started,
> |> but screen goes black.
> |>
> |> After reset I added the disable framebuffer parameter to linux
> |> boot. I got the language selection screen, but the keyboard does
> |> not work. CAPS-LOCK NUM-LOCK shows no reaction on the LEDS.
> |>
> I have tracked the problem down to an incompatibility wof my keyboard
> controller with the 2.4er kernel series. I have installed a new 2.6.x
> kernel after installing with an old progeny installer.

So it doesn't work with 2.4, but it works with 2.6?  Can you send us
the output of the kernel from 2.4 and 2.6?

Does the framebuffer work with 2.6?
Martin Michlmayr

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