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Raid controller ( need help please )

 Hi all,

I use debian at home, I got a server running Woody and i use it also as an apache server an a gateway to the Internet for my others computers. On my other computers, I use Sid for near than 2 years, but I have a problem right now. In fact, I've just bought an asus motherboard, with raid controller ( sil3112 ) and 2 Hitachi sata hard drives, configured in Raid0. Is there an cd release of debian which would allow me to boot and assumes this controller, so I can install my favorite distro on a nice machine ? Which flavour should I use ? I see the debian installer beta released 4, with 2.6 kernel, will the raid controller be assumed by this release ? I've heard about installing debian on a standard ide hard drive with a recent kernel which support the sil3112 controller and migrate the system onto the raid 0 drives, but I feel it not so good, is it good ?

I don't want to heard about another linux distributions, I have sympathy for debian and other distributions are not enough speed and sure and secure...Yet, I don't want to have a Raid0 system configured as a simple sata, I especially bought it for Raid0.

current :
Abit KD7-KT400
IDE drive 40Go ( Debian sid with kernel 2.6.4 )
DVD Drive

new config :
Asus A7n8x-E Deluxe (nForce 2 - sil 3112 Raid controller )
2 Hitachi S-ATA hard drives - 80Go
IDE controller,I got a 20Go and a 40Go IDE drives for migration if necessary
DVD Drive

Please help me, thanks, best regards
ps: forgive my english, I'm french
Remy Harel - remy.harel@gicm.fr
G.I.C.M - Distributed Systems & IT
Linux Registered User #224740

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