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Bug#246749: tetex-bin: upgrade to 2.0.2-14 fails (bogus 'No space left on device')

On 04.05.04 Ivan Nestlerode (nestler@speakeasy.net) wrote:


> This is the original submitter of this bug. Please do not close the
> bug. If the problem is that I need more /tmp space, then this bug
> should be reassigned to the new Debian installer. This partitioning
> was given to me by the Debian installer (snapshot from 4/23/04) on
> a 120GB disk, so if it did not give me a large enough /tmp
> partition to even install certain packages, that is obviously
> broken.
OK, thanks for response.

> Do you still want me to run those other commands, or is it settled
> that this is just a matter of disk space?
I could reproduce very easy that:

Running initex. This may take some time. ...
! Could not write 1 8-byte item(s).
! Could not write 2926 4-byte item(s).

by just reducing the space on /tmp to about 13MB, like you've on your

fmtutil: /usr/share/texmf/web2c/lambda.oft installed.
mkdir: cannot create directory `/tmp/mt3966.tmp': No space left on device

I could not reproduce that message, and I couldn't make him fail, by
just trying to reconfigure tetex-bin. That could be due to I've tried
2.0.2-5.1, which has another tmp-file handling than the recent
versions, IIRC.

sigmentation fault

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