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Re: Experimental countrychooser branch

Denis Barbier wrote:

> On  3.V.2004 at 13:56 (+0200) Christian Perrier wrote:
> >
> > But they have to justify it with real arguments, not fake
> > arguments. The ones they give on their web site is currently a fake
> > argument.
>> Another option is to create a new package gnu-locale-codes (I can do
>> this if you want) mapping the language and country codes to names
>> acording to the GNU locales themseves (in some sence this is the GNU
>> standard).  For example acording to the locales gl_ES and gl_ES@euro
>> the proper name of their language is "Galician".

>All this is overkill.  On the long term, I hope >that Alastair realizes
>that iso-codes does not make much sense unless >some other attributes
>are added, like vernacular names.  When we ask >user his location,
>we are not interested in the official name of his >country/region
>as defined by UNO, but we want to display the >name (s)he is supposed
>to find here.
>On the short term, I suggest that daily builds >embed my hacked
>countrychooser version for 1 or 2 weeks (if it >works).  If people still
have complaints, we can go back to the current version.

> Denis

Yes, as a technical solution adding additional information to iso-codes is
best; I haven't seen any arguments for using different _codes_, just names.
I am including an XML form of the list;
adding a "common_name" field should solve this,
and I am willing to do so.

The problem is to find _criteria_ for justifying
common names. It can't be just picking someone else's choice (eg ICU); that
will be seen as choosing sides (eg favoring Taiwan over PRC, etc).
Also remember that territory names change over time: we don't want to be
drawn into choosing
sides when civil war breaks out in Elbonia.

The best solution so far has been Anton Zinovievs:
but I fear using GNU locales just passes the buck over to Ulrich Drepper as
maintainer of the
GNU Locales, and ditto for KDE: what happens
when the Chechens, etc. localize KDE?  do we acknowledge them as a valid


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