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Bug#245704: didn't write changes before going to LVM

On 24.IV.2004 at 20:27 (+0100) Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> and then went to the LVM configuration tool.  But creating a VG told
> me that no physical volume (PV) exists... I went to a shell and pvscan
> could not find anything.  fdisk showed that #7 was marked as LVM,
> though. 

This is caused by #223388.  The function get_pvs of lvmcfg.sh invokes
/usr/lib/partconf/find-partitions, however find-partition doesn't list
all LVM partitions as being LVM but only those that do not contain any
file system.

Hence you can not use a partition with existing file system for
phisical volume...

> The other interesting thing is that when I entered the LVM
> config menu, partman told me it would write its changes to disk, but
> then it did not do anything (hmmm, maybe the first time I answered
> this question with "no" (i.e. don't write changes), but I definitely
> answered "yes" the second try.

I belive that the changes were written, so I am simply reassinging
this but to lvmcfg.

Anton Zinoviev

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