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Bug#247122: pegasus not included in kernel module lists

Craig Comstock wrote:
> On inspecting
> http://svn.debian.org/viewcvs/d-i/branches/d-i/beta4/packages/kernel/linux-kernel-di-i386/modules/i386/?rev=14662
> I see that pegasus is neither included in nic-modules
> nor nic-extra-modules. Maybe add it to
> nic-extra-modules? I am going to try and compile
> pegasus against kernel 2.4.25 and just place pegasus.o
> in /lib/modules/kernel/drivers/usb and see if that
> works.
> Used d-i on another machine and it worked great.
> Thanks!

We're in the process of adding all the usb nic drivers intheir own udeb.

see shy jo

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