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Bug#247036: Can't make multiple partitions bootable; Windows XP undetected

On  2.V.2004 at 15:39 (-0700) Robert Hughes wrote:
> The drive I installed Sarge on already had two bootable partitions.  When
> I made the Sarge partition (hdb5) bootable, the other bootable partitions
> were marked bootable.  I tried making them bootable again, but the
> partition
> manager wouldn't allow more than one partition on the drive to be marked
> bootable.  (Running cfdisk as soon as installation was done solved the
> problem.)

Yes, two bootable partitions are not allowed.  I think you don't need
them.  The bootable flag is used by MBR and most MBRs either ignore
the bootable flag (i.e. they have other means to create the boot menu,
lilo and grub fall in this category), or they use the first bootable
partition and ignore the others (the DOS mbr falls in this category.

Anton Zinoviev

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