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Bug#246998: Beta 4: Partition percentage problem

On  2.V.2004 at 19:59 (+0200) Laurens Blankers wrote:
> BTW it is not entirely clear if 20% creates a partition of 20% of the
> total disc space or 20% of the free disc space.

None of these. :-)

My intention was 20% to mean that after the resizing, the partition
will contain about 20% free space.  However the following is
implemented: the size of the partition is about 120% of the size of
the data in the partition.  When the partition is not formatted then
120% gives the minimal possible partition size.

> Also it would be nice if the size dialog when creating a new partition is
> the same dialog as when resizing a partition, so allowing entering things
> like '20%' and 'max'.


Anton Zinoviev

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