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Bug#229207: your d-i report

* Andrew J. Perrin <andrew_perrin@unc.edu> [2004-01-23 12:54]:
> This machine has an obscure problem with the CardBus hardware, which
> means the kernel needs "pci=assign-busses" appended in order to use it
> correctly. Therefore, although pcmcia started fine with the installer,

Do you know if this is fixed in newer kernels?

> Similarly, I have a PCMCIA ATAPI CD-ROM drive (Sony PCG-CD51A) which
> was unrecognized and so I couldn't load that way.

Which driver does it need?  Can you try if the new beta4 recognized
this drive?

> Finally, the tulip driver failed to drive my non-cardbus tulip
> ethernet card (IBM EtherJet).  I ended up managing to do the install

Same goes here.  Can you try beta4?

> The only installer glitch was that after selecting an apt source (in
> this case, http from distro.ibiblio.org), the installer kept returning
> me to the apt selection screen for no discernible reason. I eventually
> selected "cancel," returned to the task list, and manually moved on to
> install the selected packages.

This has been fixed.
Martin Michlmayr

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