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Bug#246824: installation-reports d-i beta4

Markus Kiefer wrote:
> Unfortunately not. I must admit I didn't try too hard to find a way to 
> transfer the log out of the VM. But I'm sure I can reproduce it to send 
> you the complete log, if you like.

After it fails you can get to the menu, and choose the menu item to save
logs to a floppy.

> I forgot to mention a rather important detail. Sorry. I tried to install a 
> 2.6-kernel. It works alright (as I found out by now) without the 
> linux26-option set.

Yes, that's important. With my older version of vmware, 3.1, the
installer with the 2.6 kernel crashes during the base installation,
because one of the packages segfaults when it's being configured. The
result is different from what you report, but I don't trust vmware with
the 2.6 kernel.. On real hardware, the same image works fine.

see shy jo

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