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sarge net install with WUSB11 v2.8

I'm trying to install sarge onto a laptop with a Linksys 802.11b USB network adapter (model WUSB11 v2.8). The installer doesn't identify the adapter. I've seen reports that the "atmel" driver works with this adapter. How would I go about doing an install? I'm a debian newbie but I'm fine with compiling things, etc. I do have the ability to create floppies, cd's, and/or do prep work on my desktop debian system.

Kevin Murphy

P.S. I also have access to a US Robotics USB network adapter (model USR1120, which supposedly uses the prism2 driver), and a US Robotics PCMCIA card (model USR2410), which also uses a "Lucent/Orinoco/Prism2" driver.

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