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Re: Installer hangs early in hardware detection. Is it my onboard Sis900?

Dave Marsden wrote:
> I'm having difficulties with the Sarge i386 Install disc 1.  The closest thing 
> I can find on the bug reports is the closed log 187075 (final message 
> reproduced below).  Main symptom is installation hangs with hardware 
> detection listed at 5% complete.

What module does it say it is loading then?

> The hardware detection seems to hang only after I'm offered a list of detected 
> modules (with options to not use them).  The menu at that point doesn't allow 
> the "Continue" tag to be highlighted/selected.  Instead <Esc> continues the 
> hardware which then hangs no matter what I've previously selected/unselected 
> from the list of 5 or 6 modules.

By pressing escape you are throwing naway the changes you made. Use tab
to navigate to the continue button.

see shy jo

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