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Bug#245504: Dell GX270, sarge beta3 netinst credit card i386, mostly successful

On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 19:52 +0300, era eriksson wrote:
> I cannot even repro the problem but in the end the symptom is always
> the same and Gnome applications in general seem to be able to get me
> into this situation, such as when I try one of the games or mess with
> the Gnome panel (add a drawer, drag around the items on the panel,
> etc).

I used to have problems with X crashing, but then I read the manual
page for my video card (neomagic) and found out that I had to specify
a parameter in my X configuration or it would crash. The point is that
I don't think the problem you're having is a problem with GNOME
itself, as it has followed you through several releases and I think
other people would notice this problem too. You might want to check if
this is a problem with your video hardware or something like that,
perhaps by googling for it and see if other people have problems. Or
have you experienced similar problems on other hardware?


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