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Bug#245504: Dell GX270, sarge beta3 netinst credit card i386, mostly successful

On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 17:52 +0300, era eriksson wrote:
> * Configure network HW: This went fine but after the reboot, it would
> no longer know anything about the network card! I had to insmod e1000
> by hand in order to proceed with the installation.
>   wishlist item: when the installer detects hardware and gets it up
>   and running, it sure would be nice if the required drivers would be
>   installed permanently so that they are available after the next
>   reboot also.
> Also sound hardware was not correctly configured after a reboot, and
> had to be added to /etc/modules by hand.

This is a known problem, it is because you currently get the wrong
discover-data in testing. It will hopefully get fixed soon. discover
is used to detect hardware both during the installation process and
during the boot, so there's no need to add these modules to

> I guess this must have been beaten to death, but displaying only
> American time zones is something I find offensive.
>   wishlist item: at least make "other" the preselected value since
>   it's going to be correct for more users than any one time zone in
>   America (let alone specifically the one which is preselected).

Well, I assume you did select "English (American)" as the language, so
then it is presumed that you do live in America. I think the proper
thing to do is to select "English (other)" as the language and then
select your country. At least that's what I do. I agree that it should
be easier, but I'm not sure how to make it so.

> This particular system has a problem with the display card which fails
> to allocate enough memory to start up in anything more than 640x480.
> The fix is available as a Debian package called 865patch, download
> from http://www.joepenguin.com (thanks, Joe!)

Yeah, I have also had to deal with this, it's nasty. I don't think
there's a clean way to integrate that hack though, it probably needs
to fixed in XFree86 itself.

> I installed Gnome but unfortunately the version in testing seems to
> retain that familiar Gnome look and feel

What else did you expect?

> -- some parts simply don't
> work, and it will crash if you click rapidly in unexpected places etc.

This is a little vague - have you submitted bug reports against GNOME
packages about this?


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