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Re: new discover-data seems to have problems with many network cards

[Per Olofsson]
> Anyway, some ideas on how to solve this:
> - Get discover1 into testing. Currently it doesn't migrate because the
>   old libdiscover-dev is in its way. The libdiscover1 in unstable
>   depends on discover1-data instead of discover-data.

Yes, that would be good.  Need some release manager to do this, I

> - Copy the *.lst files from discover1-data to discover-data, drop
>   discover1-data and make discover-data the only data package.

This will be hard to maintain, unless someone write a script to
extract discover 1 format data from the discover 2 XML files.  If I
had time, I would do it myself, because I believe it is an important
feature to have in discover 2.

> - Get both discover2 and discover1 into testing and apt-install
>   discover1 instead of discover from hw-detect.

This is the original plan, but it got stuck because of some problems
with discover version 2 and the libdiscover-dev blocking discover1
from entering testing.  It would be nice if some release manager could
push both discover and discover1 into testing, so we could update
hw-detect to install discover1 when using discover1-udeb, and discover
when using discover-udeb.

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