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Bug#245012: installation-reports: d-i permit to create file systems not mountable when rebooted

Il mer, 2004-04-21 alle 22:26, Per Olofsson ha scritto:
> On Wed, Apr 21, 2004 at 02:46 +0200, Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
> > hd:4 root=/dev/hda4 rw
> > 
> > but the kernel was unable to mount the root partition probably because
> > XFS isn't compiled into the default kernel (2.4.25-powerpc-pmac).
> > I reinstalled everthing using ext3 and the new system mounted the root
> > partition correctly.
> > 
> > I believe that all filesystems offered during the installation need to
> > be compiled *into* the kernel.
> They are provided as modules in an initrd. You must boot with the
> initrd.

I just found that initrd exists also for powerpc, but I think that no
debian package provides and initrd kernel for powerpc.

> > When rebooting (with ext3) I found that /etc/fstab contained only one
> I think this is because you didn't complete the installation process.

I think not, since I completed the installation and I was missing the
file after the reboot. The installation was normal and I just missed to
install the boot loader (that wasn't working)


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