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Bug#244030: Bug Report

Thanks Joshua, for your comment.
Now I tried to run woody with kernel 2.4 and it has the same behaviour as sarge with 2.4.
So basically I suspect a problem with my network-card (an onboard Intel Etherexpress 100) and debian's 2.4 kernel/network module driver (e100.o).
However Redhat 9.0 (with 2.4 kernel) is OK.
It apparently is NOT a problem of the d-i, sorry for the suspicion ;-)
Because of time constraints I will be using Redhat and investigate into the problem at a later stage.
Thank you for your efforts!


>>> Joshua Kwan 16.04.2004 16:27 >>>
On Fri, 16 Apr 2004 11:44:58 +0200, Gerhard Zweimueller wrote:
> But after reboot the computer cannot connect via IP. It can not be
> pinged nor can it ping any other computer. IP, Broadcast, Netmask and
> Def-GW are all set correctly. The only pings that work are ping
> localhost and ping which is the computer's own address.
> When I try the stable version of Debian 3.0r2 (from ISO images) it
> works well with the same IP settings, but the netinstall beta-3 does not
> work with IP.

Can you compare /etc/network/interfaces from both versions? Copy the
interfaces from woody in, boot sarge, and see if that works? If so, post
the correct one and the one generated by d-i in a reply.

I have not experienced any other problem with static net config besides
for human error, yet. :P

Joshua Kwan

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