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Bug#243011: Some additional info that may or may not help

Andrew Pollock wrote:
> Just looked at the menu.lst attached to 
> Message-Id: <[🔎] 200404181845.43453.aragorn@tiscali.nl>
> for this bug, and assuming those GRUB entries were created by os-prober, the
> non-Linux ones should really be using rootnoverify instead of root, as root
> tries to figure out what the filesystem is, and I don't believe it can grok
> NTFS, so it spits out some error messages (but I believe still works).

I don't know if that's safe, the grub docs say that the root command
lets grub get the partition size so it can pass a "partition descriptor"
that's used by some chain-loaded boot loaders.

see shy jo

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