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Re: Removing unused d-i udebs from archive

On  5.IV.2004 at 01:08 Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> > Eeeww... why was this?  I remember partman/libparted had trouble
> > making DVH disklabels... was that the only reason for MIPS?

There is also a problem with the numbering of the partitions (#238838,
#220990).  I have fixed it in partman (though I am holding my commits
because of the string freeze).  I suppose that in the next release of
the installer partconf will not be necessary on mips, but partitioner

> > What's the problem for arm?
> Lack of support for several arm subarch partitioning schemes.

So far I (and probably the maintainers of parted also) have no info
about this. :-(

Anton Zinoviev

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