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Re: PCMCIA network configuration

Per Olofsson wrote:
> I filed a bug report against hotplug and it has been closed now by a
> new upload. The solution implemented was a low-priority debconf
> question which asked whether to not use the logical hotplug interface,
> and the default is false, i.e. use a logical interface. So what do we
> do with this? Pre-seed the debconf value to true if PCMCIA hardware is
> detected? I'm not particularly fond of this solution, but if we want
> to have Cardbus network card support in d-i for sarge I'm not sure
> what else to do.

If the installer has the change the default, then the default is wrong
and should be fixed IMHO. Anyway, we have no mechanism for preseeding
the database at that point.

see shy jo

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