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Re: Must debian-installer use iso-codes package when choosing country?

On Sunday 04 April 2004 16:06, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> Well, it's only particularly crazy Greek governments which care;
> most Greeks accept that Macedonia (the country) is *not* making
> territorial claims on Greece Macedonia, and there are lots of other
> situations in the world where a country has the same name as a
> province in a neighboring country.

Although you are right in that most Greeks don't really care any more, 
unfortunately you represent a gross simplification of the issue. It's 
not just about territorial claims (that issue has been dropped 
thankfully). I sincerely do not want to enter such a debate here, it 
is totally OT and I want to respect the focus of the list. But still, 
I can hardly disagree with you about the fact that it's because of 
the mishandling of the Greek goverments that there actually *exists* 
such an issue.

> So I wouldn't worry, as long as this is a list of *countries*,
> anyway, since there's no other *country* called Macedonia (given
> that Greece admits that Greek Macedonia is part of Greece).  It's
> not like the situation with the Congo, where there actually are two
> countries with the same standard name, or the similar situation
> which used to be true of Yemen, or further back Cameroon, etc.

actually there was never doubt about the Greek part of Macedonia, not 
from the Greek side, that is :-)

Anyway, I would really like to drop the issue here, because I feel bad 
discussing it... not least because I fear that we have ourselves 
messed things up and now it's too late to fix them, and if we did it 
would be at the expense of another country (and a neighbouring 
country which it is in our interest and benefit to have good 
relations with).


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