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Re: Re: Must debian-installer use iso-codes package when choosing country?

Dé Domh, 2004-04-04 ag 04:17 +0800, scríobh Tetralet:

> My original question is:
> "Must debian-installer use "iso-codes" package when choosing country,
> Even though it will hurt some people, like people who living in Taiwan?"
> And I think your answer is "YES".

> People who install Debian via debian-installer will find that "Taiwan" 
> was replaced with "Taiwan, Province of China".
> They may not detect immediately that this country code is based on ISO-3166,
> But they will think that Debian is discriminating against Taiwan people.
> It will not be a very good first impression to Debian users.

As has been noted in previous discussions on this subject, it is
basically impossible to draw up a list of countries and their names that
does not insult somebody. For Debian, picking an official list, (and
ISO-3166 is _the_ offfical list) is pretty much the only solution.

Please update the zh_TW entries, as discussed before. D-I is designed
that the first question people see is the Language; if they pick zh_CN
they should _not_see  Province_of_China.


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