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Bug#239761: debian-installer: also with pcnet32 module (vmware)

Package: debian-installer
Version: N/A; reported 2004-04-03
Followup-For: Bug #239761


After a seamless and really quite impressive boot from the
sarge-i386-businesscard.iso (marred only by it failing to run the GUI
installer and so falling back on textmode...not surprising given it's
vmware), the pcnet32 module fails to load, hence the network fails to come
up.  This after it all being autodetected when booting from the iso.

This is even stranger given that the output of "dmesg" shows that the module
WAS loaded at boot.  Something somewhere removed it again.

Still, the whole thing looks pretty slick, I'm quietly impressed


-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux yaffle 2.6.3 #1 Sat Mar 6 15:13:58 GMT 2004 i686

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