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Bug#241817: install: does not create yaboot partition

reassign 241817 partman
On Sat, Apr 03, 2004 at 12:04:48AM -0700, Brett Wuth wrote:
> Package: install
> Severity: important
> Using the sarge-powerpc-netinst.iso image as of 2004-04-01, I
> attempted to install Debian on an iMac.  The install failed because it
> did not create a partition for yaboot.

Well, if i understood this correctly, this is only a symptom of a larger
deficiency in partman. It was already a great thing to have partman be
the default for beta3, but i guess that we should fine tune this for

The idea is that some hardware configurations needs some particular
partitions to be there (like a prep boot partition or a palo boot
partition, or the yaboot boot partition on pmac), or even some
filesystem to be used for the /boot partition (like affs on pegasos 1).

We need to get partman to be smarter, and guide the user through the
creation of those partitions trully needed for his given arch. I believe
that this can be achieved by having some per arch, subarch and
particular case proposal of partitioning and mounting in partman,
doubled with a per arch/subarch/... choice of pre-configured partition
tables, and a warning to the user in case he doesn't mount the
partitions as is needed on the hardware in question.


Sven Luther

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