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Bug#241701: discover1-data: Should include repurtbug script to include lspci info

[Thiemo Seufer]
> Please make this (sub-)arch-dependent then, some machines have
> neither lspci nor (an useful version of) discover.

A simple solution to the issue where the arch is missing some programs
is the version I see in the xserver-xfree86 script:



  if which lspci > /dev/null 2>&1; then
    LC_ALL=C lspci | grep 'VGA compatible controller:' >&3
    LC_ALL=C lspci -n | grep 'Class 0300:' >&3
    printf "\n" >&3

If the 'grep' part is dropped, this would work for discover as well.
And the (sub-)archs needing other programs can detect their existance
the same way. :)

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