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Re: splitting root floppy by languages

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

> Everything except the asian langs currently fits on one floppy still,
> but that is unlikely to last. I need to find some way to split the latin
> languages, or perhaps split out the cryllic ones.

This would give us:

Asian root: 4languages : ja, ko, zh_TW, zh_CN
Cyrillic root: 3Languages : ru, uk, bg
BIDI root: 2languages : ar, he

Others root: 29languages

(the current target is 38 languages supported....2 being currently not

The BIDI support heavily depends on current work. If we do no succeed
in finding a way to displat RTL languages, we will be forced to drop
them from languagechooser.

It this technical (or pseudo-technical) split is enough, it has my
preferrence. Otherwise, we could very quickly run in non-technical
problems (is Lithuanian part of Scandinavian or East-European or

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