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Re: corrections

Le Tue, Mar 30, 2004 at 20:04:44 -0500, Rick Thomas a �it:
> Hi Simon,
> Can you give a blow-by-blow installation procedure for installing debian
> on oldworld Macs without BootX?  I've done it for woody with BootX -- I
> haven't figured out how to do woody without BootX.  Unfortunately, sarge
> has completely eluded me so far -- with or without BootX.
> Thanks!
> Rick
apt-get install quik, configure it, configure OF for booting from the
HDD, and you're done.

there's plenty of docs around: the install guide, the quik docs at
penguinppc.org, and my site under /macppc/. for specifics on OF and
hardrware issues see /macppc/models.shtml (partial port of the info
hosted at netbsd.org).

any issues that those docs don't cover, email me offlist or meet me at
#debianppc at the freenode irc network.

i usually boot from floppy (woody b-f ;), then run quik from the main
menu :). at least for the first time. then i check the nvram settings
and /etc/quik.conf to make changes (the default timeout= of 100 is way
too high for instance). oh, and you might want a backport of quik (if
you're on woody still; sarge might have the fixed quik: reads symlinks,
and can read/load kernels larger than 4 MB).

oh, i'm not subbed to this list, so please CC: me.

> simon@nuit.ca wrote:
> > <rant>
> > having a non-free os to boot the machine defeats the purpose of having a
> > free one installed. it's a kludge. one that i would prefer avoiding. i
> > install debian onto many oldworld pmacs, and not having mac os there is
> > a blessing. let's not go into the bad old days of having to use bootx to
> > boot to linux. you might as well just not install linux (i don't even
> > have mac driver partitions on my drives, i *don't* need them).
> > </rant>
> >

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