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Re: Update to Debian Installer translators documentation

I'd like to suggest a few changes to doc/translations.txt, wrt to the 
suggested packages for translation:

From the file:

> Important
>  ---------
>  debconf man-db console-common netbase ifupdown console-data adduser
>  setserial bsdmainutils lilo netkit-inetd

Note: at least on my system, I could not find a po-debconf aware 
netkit-inetd. I run testing, but I tried the unstable version as well 
with no luck (0.10-9). Is there another netkit-inetd?

>  Standard
>  --------
>  ssh wamerican libssl0.9.7 locales ibritish flex
>  dictionaries-common iamerican

Note: I would suggest including the source packages, ie instead of 
libssl0.9.7, it would be better to include openssl.

>  Optional
>  --------
>  (only some very commonly installed packages -first 30 in the list-
>  are included here, ordered by popularity)
>  apache-common tetex-bin xserver-common apache
>  libcupsys2 xserver-xfree86 ntpdate libfontconfig1 samba-common
>  samba-common mozilla-browser libpaper1 fontconfig ntp-simple
>  libpango1.0-common cvs xscreensaver screen powermgmt-base
>  samba dash mysql-server gdm apt-listchanges libdiscover1
>  discover libslp1 libnet-perl cupsys-client cupsys

Here many packages that come from the same source package are listed. 
If I tidy this up a little and show only source packages, the list 
would become:

apache xfree86 cupsys ntp fontconfig samba mozilla libpaper pango1.0
cvs xscreensaver tetex-bin screen powermgmt-base mysql-dfsg 
gdm apt-listchanges discover libnet-perl openslp

It was also mentioned previously in another mail that nfs-common is 
one of the packages to be translated. Again, I could not find any 
evidence for translation material for that package (source package: 
nfs-utils 1.0.6-3).

And I think we could add a few packages in that list that are not in 
the popularity-contest. I'll make a list and post it here.


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