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Re: release status

On Sun, Mar 14, 2004 at 03:00:55PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Assuming we release tomorrow, the deadline is now past for changes to
> udebs that go in the initrds. All translations are uploaded. The string
> freeze is over. Please limit changes to important fixes. If there are
> any final fixes to build/, add them soon; I upload the final cut of that
> tonight for the autobuilders.
> Here is the port status. We seem to be close to go on i386, mips,
> powerpc, ia64, sparc, and alpha. I still need more info about ia64 and
> alpha though, to be sure.
>           i386: go!
>           mips: autobuilding. Installs work (except some generic debootstrap
>                 issue TBD).
>           powerpc: autobuilding. kdb-chooser, airport wifi (#237894)

Kernel installation is broken on powerpc when choosing testing.
base/kernel-installer choose the 2.4.25 kernel, while it has not yet
made it into testing (9 days of 10 so it will be soon).

Still, i believe that base/kernel-installer should have warned that
there is no appropriate kernel available, instead of silently installing
a wrong one.

Also, the -powerpc-small .udebs are still installed, pulled in by the
lvm stuff and the ext3 and reiserfs partman, if i remember well.

It is seriously broken that a module for a kernel different than the one
running is downloaded.

Apart from that, and the yaboot issue, everything seems to be working
fine. About yaboot, i should seriously think about porting yaboot to
pegasos, despites Ethan's claim that i should not and work on yaboot2
instead, since it seems nobody apart me and the pegasos users are doing
regular full installs.


Sven Luther

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