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release status

Assuming we release tomorrow, the deadline is now past for changes to
udebs that go in the initrds. All translations are uploaded. The string
freeze is over. Please limit changes to important fixes. If there are
any final fixes to build/, add them soon; I upload the final cut of that
tonight for the autobuilders.

Here is the port status. We seem to be close to go on i386, mips,
powerpc, ia64, sparc, and alpha. I still need more info about ia64 and
alpha though, to be sure.

          i386: go!
          mips: autobuilding. Installs work (except some generic debootstrap
                issue TBD).
          powerpc: autobuilding. kdb-chooser, airport wifi (#237894)
          ia64: autobuilding. USB issues
          m68k: go!
          hppa: autobuilding, but broken
          sparc: autobuilding. Seems go on sparc32 and sparc64
                - There is bug #234404 in installed system. Can be worked
                  around by booting from d-i media and passing root=
                - serial console support is broken (joshk)
          s390: autobuilding. partconf fails; parted needs IBM disklabel
          alpha: autobuilding. Problems with SCSI CDs (#237604)

see shy jo

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