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not releasing powerpc (Re: beta3 released)

Joey Hess wrote:
> As soon as the web site rebuilds I'll send out the official release
> announcement.
> There turned out to be a lot of arch-specific errata, but hey, we added
> 4 architectures this release! Whee! Plans from here will be largely
> determined with what happens with the rest of the Debian release
> process. Maybe a good target would be some updates in a week to fix
> glaring problems like the lack of USB support on ia64. We should
> probably plan more for short focused updates fixing specific problems,
> rather than for a long development cycle like we had between beta2 and
> beta3.

I've dropped powerpc entirely from beta3. Of the images we produced, the
netinst CD images do not work for any powerpc subarch, because they
don't have usable kernels on them. Also, the kernel images have a broken
postinst that does not set up the /vmlinux symlink for yaboot. And
yaboot-installer hardcoded the path[1] to archdetect and gets it wrong, so
that's also broken. For details, talk to Colin Watson.

Rather than say that beta3 supports only netboot and businesscard
installs for prep and chrp, I've dropped the whole thing. If the powerpc
people would like to release in a week, I suggest you get your act
together and begin testing full installs on all powerpc subarches.

(Also, the hurried yaboot-installer release made yesterday to fix *other*
serious problems on powerpc was never actually committed to the CVS

see shy jo

[1] Don't get me started on useless hardcoded paths. It's fragile and it
    wastes space too.

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