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Bug#237406: netinst.iso 2004-03-08: problem with XFS

No, this was not a known problem.

On 11.III.2004 at 13:40 W. Borgert wrote:
> I just tried to install a machine with two SCSI disks, but only the
> first disk should be used.  Using XFS for all partitions but swap on
> the first disk lead to an error message "could not mount partition
> of type swap" or so.  d-i always went back to the partitioning menu.
> I changed all XFS partitions to ext3 and everything went fine.  Is
> there a known problem with XFS in d-i?  Or is it a problem to have a
> second SCSI disk, while not using it?  (I have unused ext3 and swap
> partitions on the second disk.)

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