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Re: debian-installer on oldworld -- how-to ?

On Sun, Mar 07, 2004 at 11:10:28PM +0100, Sven Luther wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 07, 2004 at 05:43:39PM +0100, Simon Vallet wrote:
> > I'm currently trying to try debian-installer on an OldWorld -- as I got
> > it, the CD won't be bootable, and no floppy images are available.

> Jeremie, could you make a quick resume of the status of it, and how far
> you did go ? 

I did build floppy images for ppc, but those were missing bootloader
installers and a clean build system (I mean, without a miBoot binary in
the repository.)

I've been working on a miBoot package, and quickly hacked a minimal
Macintosh resource editor, since miBoot's configuration is embedded as
resources of the "System" file. Those two packages should be ready in a
few days. I'll need sponsorship for upload.

> Also, it would be nice to finalize this stuff in the next week, so that
> the debian-installer beta3 would support oldworld

It should be possible.

> Well, the way to go with oldworld is to use miboot with the
> -powerpc-small kernel, and a floppy target for building the initrd.
> Jeremie was working on it, but i don't think it got commited, not sure
> though. I think the problematic thing is to get the initrd down to
> floppy size.

I succeeded getting an initrd fit on one floppy. However, the kernel
itself nearly fills the first disk and we can't have an initrd there
unlike i386 floppies.

> it would be great if someone with oldworld pmac knowledge and interest
> assist me in getting the floppy target working too and commited, so
> the daily built powerpc images include them.

The floppy target won't be the hard thing, I've already got it working.
I'll send a patch here as soon as miBoot is in the archive.

> > Is there an oldworld-specific debian-installer howto somewhere,
> > or am I missing something obvious (do I need specific packages
> > installed (for an installer ???), or won't it work with quik anyway,
> > or...)
> It won't work with quik, it will be either .coff booting from the serial
> console, miboot and the floppy target, or bootx fro mac os <10.

I think it could work with quik, if you have it installed already and
the kernel/initrd are on the hard disk. Maybe we can get quik installing
on floppies, which would solve the miBoot dependency problem (miBoot
will be in contrib.) But that's for later.

Is there anyone around who could check and sponsor my packages when
they're ready ? (hopefully tomorrow or wednesday)

Jeremie Koenig <sprite@sprite.fr.eu.org>

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