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Re: release status

Joey Hess wrote:
Thomas Poindessous wrote:

On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 05:34:09PM -0900, Joey Hess wrote:

Thomas Poindessous wrote:

demo must be disabled in config/sparc.cfg. I took the right to do it in

Hmm, that must make the debian-installer-demo package rather useless.

yes, I didn't realize that, sorry :(

What's the problem with building the demo?

some variables used by pkg-list weren't defined, then no udeb was
installed, and later building failed. I corrected that.

I redid a test (not in pbuilder) and it does work. Maybe sparc can be
added to Architectures line in debian/control ?

I'd be glad to, if someone has managed a largely successful install on
sparc too. Not sure if that has happened yet.

Please see Bug #236364 for my sparc installation report (just made yesterday).

Peter.Karbaliotis@ualberta.ca	780-492-7660
Computing and Network Services	University of Alberta

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