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Re: release status

Thomas Poindessous wrote:
> since I didn't hear any reports about this, I did a check with pbuilder
> and a sid environment.
> debian-installer package for sparc will build, but with these changes :
> demo must be disabled in config/sparc.cfg. I took the right to do it in
> CVS.

Hmm, that must make the debian-installer-demo package rather useless.
What's the problem with building the demo?

> I also did a copy of INSTALLATION-HOWTO in build/debian, but I'm sure
> that I miss something in the build process.

The rules file will do this for you, iff it's built in a d-i source
tree. Of course the INSTALLATION-HOWTO is also included in the source
package. Yes, this is a disgusting hack.

see shy jo

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