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Re: partman xfs and grub install hang

On  4.III.2004 at 15:45 Joey Hess wrote:
> I've added a partman-xfs (in cvs) to debian-installer, and it seems to
> work.

And I have partman-reiserfs (stil not in cvs) and it also seems to work. :-)

> However, if my root filesystem is a xfs filesystem, grub-install
> seems to hang.

ReiserFS probably will have the same problem when the mount option
notail is not used for the partition containing /boot.  LILO also
doesn't work.

> If we need to work around it, one way would be to make partman check to
> see if /boot (or /) are xfs partitions, and if so, fail. Anton, could
> you help me do that, I don't know partman well enough yet..

The script finish.d/proper_mountpoints from partman-target shows how
the mountpoints can be analysed.

Anton Zinoviev

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