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Re: Install fails: can't find kernel module for via-rhine Ethernet

On Wednesday 03 March 2004 09:10, Erich Waelde wrote:
> Hello Frans,
> looks like you have chosen the adventureous path :-)
Yes, it's fun and happy to contribute...
Note: no need to CC me; I'm on the list (as of yesterday ;-)

> Sounds to me as you did use "expert" boot option ...
Did both normal and expert.
> If this is correct, then in the first round of hardware detection, I have
> seen "ide-disk" fail to load --- this is because it is loaded already, but
> the red error screen sure looks bad. And consequently a message is
> displayed about missing modules for your hardware.
Have not seen this.
> If this is still what you see, then
> a.) change to vc/2 by pressing 'Ctrl-Alt-F2'
>     type 'lsmod' at the prompt. Check that your modules are there.
>     -- if not, try to load them with "modprobe -v name_of_module"
>        if the output indicates errors, be sure to note the exact message.
# modprobe via-rhine
insmod: via-rhine.0: no module by that mane found
modprobe: failed to load module via-rhine

Looks like the module just isn't included anymore :-(
> Also mention the exact image location and file date, along with any boot
> parameters you chose. Be sure to check out the help available with 'F1' at
> the boot prompt.
sarge-i386-netinst.iso (02-Mar-2004 13:34   105M)

Logfiles attached.

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