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Re: Install fails: can't find kernel module for via-rhine Ethernet

Hello Frans,

looks like you have chosen the adventureous path :-)

Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> wrote:
> Hi,
> After an installation-report for a mostly successful install using Beta-2, I 
> received a suggestion from Erich Waelde to try:
> http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/sarge_d-i/i386/current/
> (I downloaded today's build: Mar. 2 2004)
> However, this fails during hardware detect. It looks like my Ethernet card is 
> recognized correctly, but the installer can't load the kernel module.
> I noticed that on the cdrom the contents of the /install directory have been 
> reorganized when compared to Beta-2: some .img files moved to subdir floppy.
> Could this be the cause of the problem.

Sounds to me as you did use "expert" boot option ...

If this is correct, then in the first round of hardware detection, I have
seen "ide-disk" fail to load --- this is because it is loaded already, but
the red error screen sure looks bad. And consequently a message is
displayed about missing modules for your hardware.

If this is still what you see, then
a.) change to vc/2 by pressing 'Ctrl-Alt-F2'
    hit 'Enter' to get a root shell
    type 'lsmod' at the prompt. Check that your modules are there.
    -- if not, try to load them with "modprobe -v name_of_module"
       if the output indicates errors, be sure to note the exact message.
b.) return to vc/1 by pressing 'Ctrl-alt-F1'
    be brave and hit 'Enter' to acknowledge the error message.

I have not seen a problem, but the error message is showing up with
DEBCONF_PRIORITY=low (same as expert) or

If what I describe does not apply to your case, then please send more
details, like exact error messages, also found on vc/3 and vc/4, in
/target/var/log if they occur in a later stage.

Also mention the exact image location and file date, along with any boot
parameters you chose. Be sure to check out the help available with 'F1' at
the boot prompt.


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