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Re: Install Sarge on a diskless workstation ?

On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 09:35:07PM +0000, Lee Mitchell wrote:
> Hi folks,
>   Hope this is the right place to ask...
> I've been playing around with a Mini ITX machine (VIA M10000) and 
> previously had woody installed and configured to boot using PXE and tftp 
>   with its root filesystem mounted via NFS from another machine.
> However, I get bored easilly, so decided to have a play with sarge and 
> its new wizzo installer :-)
> My question is, where do i tell the install process that i want to use a 
> root filesystem that is mounted from NFS ?
> There are no disks whatsoever in this machine, and the install proces 
> doesn't seem too keen on letting me install it on anything other than a 
> local disk.
> I've tried mounting the exported filesystem manually in a console but 
> the version of mount doesn't appear to support nfs (maybe i'm just doing 
> something stupid here).
> I'm using the netboot images from here :-
> http://people.debian.org/~joeyh/d-i/images/daily/netboot/
> Any help would be much appreciated, even if its just a simple "sorry not 
> supported yet message" cos at the moment i'm just convinced i'm doing 
> something dumb !

Hey, that allows me to make some noise  :-)

nfsroot is AFAIK a kernel compile option.
check the config of the install kernel.

> Up to the mounting a filesystem bit though, i'm impressed with the new 
> installer. It detects my not so common hardware fine and configures the 
> network ok, so well done folks, looks like its gonna be great when done !
> Cheers
> Lee Mitchell

Geert Stappers

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