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Re: Instalation report: comments and suggestions

Antonio A.A. wrote:
> - The question about retrying the DHCP is not very user friendly if he 
> don't know what DHCP (that is a very technical thing) is.

I've clarified it a bit.

> - After that it does not ask if you want to setup the network manually, 
> it directly ask for an IP. I wonder: what happend if the user is not 
> connected to a network?

If you are not connected to a network, then you should not be using this
netinst CD, as you will get a minimal debian install and have no good
way to add more packages to it.

> I forgot to connect the network cable. The message I got after setting 
> up my network parameters was wrong (as wrong as the usual not 
> informative win msgs ;-) ):
>  1) It says "the specified Debian archive mirror..." I haven't 
> specified anything yet.
>  2) It was not the Debian archive failing. It was my fault of not 
> connecting the cable!  Would it be possible to check if the network is 
> working first?

AFAIK this is due to a bug that we have fixed a few days ago.

> Suggestions:
> - Show the speed and percentage of actual files while donwloading (my 
> network was slow and I thought the computer could have hunged)

This would be nice indeed.

> - At password prompt write the tipical "*" when writing

That is not very secure.

> - Use the user country to help choosing the mirror

Already done.

see shy jo

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