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Re: debian-installer help wanted

Magnus Ekdahl wrote:
> * When one finds a bug report containing only one issue I assume its 
> correct just to reassign it to its respective package? An alternative 
> line of thought would be to collect all installation-reports in one 
> place, hence every bug needs to be cloned.

Since we're not doing any other analysis of installation reports right
now, and most of the one bug install reports tend to be shy on other
details anyway, I guess it's easier to simply reassign them.

> * Shouldn't I (send a notification)/cc developers of the affected 
> packages? Here I refer to the notorisly quiet reassign command.

Probably doesn't matter much if the package is part of d-i. For stuff
outside d-i yes, I always get better results when I mail the maintainer
as well.

> * Could you please add bug numbers to every item in the TODO so one 
> knows to whom one should forward requests such as "include 2.6"

Ugh. I'm not sure they all have bugs, I hope people can add bug numbers
if they're aware of any.

> * Often[0][1] one finds bugs where the reporter needs to fill in things 
> to make sense. So I send a mail to the submitter asking for more info. 
> Then I need to follow up on the bug. But I can't recall any way of 
> getting all mail sent to the bug other than changing the owner. Is there 
> a better way?

Not AFAIK at the moment, aside from debian-bugs-dist@lists.debian.org
and procmail. I try to arrange for the submitter to mail replys to me,
instead of the bug.

see shy jo

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