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Re: debian-installer help wanted

Joey Hess wrote:
   We are hoping to process at least 75 of these installation reports
   this week, with the help of the larger group of Debian developers,
   and so we have written a tutorial that should get developers quickly up
   to speed on processing installation reports. You can find it here:

While the tutorial has allowed me to proccess some reports, there are still some that I don't know how to handle. Perhaps the answers to these questions could complete the tutorial?

* When one finds a bug report containing only one issue I assume its correct just to reassign it to its respective package? An alternative line of thought would be to collect all installation-reports in one place, hence every bug needs to be cloned.

* Shouldn't I (send a notification)/cc developers of the affected packages? Here I refer to the notorisly quiet reassign command.

* Could you please add bug numbers to every item in the TODO so one knows to whom one should forward requests such as "include 2.6"

* Often[0][1] one finds bugs where the reporter needs to fill in things to make sense. So I send a mail to the submitter asking for more info. Then I need to follow up on the bug. But I can't recall any way of getting all mail sent to the bug other than changing the owner. Is there a better way?

0. bugs.debian.org/234000
1. bugs.debian.org/234240
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