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upgading sparc d-i bugs to release-critical

It's about time that the bugs that need to be fixed for sparc d-i to
work to be upgraded to release-critical.  The beta-2 crunch seems to
have calmed down, and I'm aproaching being able to build a working d-i
cd with local fixes and hacks around these bugs.

The first six bugs in the list below are the ones I am talking about.
All have patches in the BTS and have been sitting unfixed for a couple
of weeks.  Unless someone convinces me otherwise, I'll upgrade them to
grave in two days.

Additional fixes are needed for d-i and debian-cd, but I'm not quite
ready to submit patches on them yet.  (One change I'll discuss in
another message.)

227291	mklibs	important
mklibs: needs to handle symbols starting with . for sparc

227852	kbd-chooser	
kbd-chooser: [PATCH] wrong name for sparc/sun keyboard

227853	debian-installer	
debian-installer: [PATCH] small fix for sparc, installs discover-udeb

228399	base-installer	
base-installer: [PATCH] kernel package name for sparc are wrong

228444	util-linux	important
util-linux: sparc needs fdisk-udeb

228518	partitioner	
partitioner: [PATCH] sparc.sh for sparc system

228519	debian-installer	
[PATCH] tftpboot.sh for sparc

may need fixed

224669	modutils	wishlist
/sbin/depmod: depmod should be able to run sparc64 on sparc32 and visa-versa


231219	kbd-chooser	
kbd-chooser: question should be skiped when using serial console

231222	debian-installer	
debian-installer: assumes color ansi serial console

231606	busybox-cvs-udeb	wishlist
busybox-cvs-udeb - modutils should support biarch

231618	busybox-cvs-udeb	wishlist
busybox-cvs-udeb: please don't build modutils for sparc

already fixed

227851	udpkg	
udpkg: [PATCH] wrong architecture for sparc64

227622	kernel-headers-2.4.21-sparc	important
Needs to install System.map for debian-installer

227644	kernel-image-sparc-2.4	
Please remove udeb generation from Sparc kernels

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