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Re: d-i beta 2: Wrong time for clock set to UTC

Andree Leidenfrost wrote:
> When installing, the system time gets set to RTC time. However, my RTC
> is set to UTC. Given that I'm in Sydney, I end up 11 hours out.
> I'm pretty sure that the woody installer (or a package) used to asked
> whether my hardware clock was set to UTC. The current installation
> process does not ask this question.

I'll bump the priority of that question back up to high.

> To keep it simple, I believe the installer should ask for the timezone
> as it currently does and then give a pop-up saying:
> Which one is closer to your current time:
> 22:31:21
> 11:31:21
> <Ok>                               <Cancel>
> where the first choice assumes that the RTC is set to UTC whereas the
> second assumes it's set to local time.

This is a good idea on its face, but it has all sorts of problems. For
example, suppose I am in GMT+4, and I receive a computer that was
shipped to me from GMT+8, and has the hardware clock set to GMT+8 local
time. It would then ask me which was closer to local time, GMT or GMT+8,
when local time exactly splits the difference.

see shy jo

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