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d-i beta 2: issue with hostname

Dear d-i developers

I have reported this in bug #231083 and have done some more testing in
the meantime.

d-i complains about hostname 'aurich3' not being valid. The exact text

                    [!!] Debian base system

Invalid hostname "aurich3"

A valid hostname may contain period separated parts containing only
alphanumeric characters and the minus sign, be between 2 and 63
characters long, and each part cannot begin or endwith a minus sign.


'aurich3' does not violate any of these restrictions.

I suspect that it trip over the number in the hostname as I have also
tried 'aurich' which went fine and 'sydney1' which failed again.

Best regards

PS: I can provide a screenshot if necessary.
PPS: I'm not currrently on the list, please cc me when replying.
Andree Leidenfrost
Sydney - Australia

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