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more lowmem ideas

These are ugly, but still doable.

 * It's pointless to have /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.templates
   after the debconf-loadtemplate has loaded them. So after running
   debconf-loadtemplates, delete the templates files. Do this both at
   boot, and after anna run.

   memory saved at boot: 300k
   memory saved after ann: 900k
 * Find a more space-efficient form for cdebconf to use to store
   templates.dat, that does not repeat the Description-ll.ll stuff and
   so on. Probably a binary db of some sort, possibly with compression.
   Could save up to 150k at boot, and nearly a megabyte after anna run.
 * After the user has chosen a language, all the other locale info is
   unnecessary, so delete it. Could probably save 900k or so.

see shy jo

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