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RE: s390 installation support in Debian 'sarge'

Not sure if you have looked into this but I think IBM actually provides a
service where they allow open source developers access to an S/390 for
development purposes.


"Welcome to the Linux Community Development System (the 'Service'), a
Service provided by IBM. The Service provides you with access to a Linux on
S/390 environment for the purpose of providing the Open Source community
with a platform to develop, port and/or test drive your products or
applications on this platform. We anticipate the majority of users to
include entrepreneur developers/vendors that otherwise might not have the
opportunity to test/port their code to the S/390 platform. However, we
invite all interested parties that meet the established terms and conditions
to register and experience "Linux for S/390"."

Hope that may be of help!

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Subject: s390 installation support in Debian 'sarge'

s390 fans:

As you can see from the attached debian-installer status report, s390 is one
of a minority of Debian architectures which are currently not supported by
debian-installer.  Part of the reason for this is that access to create and
reboot Linux/390 guests (as would be needed for installation testing) is
hard to come by for most Debian developers.  Without access to a development
platform, it is unlikely that we will be able to support installation of
Debian on s390 in the Debian 'sarge' release.

I would like to ask that if any of you are in a position to provide Debian
developers with access to such a system, and are willing to do so, please
contact either the installer development mailing list
(debian-boot@lists.debian.org) or myself if you would prefer private mail
(mdz@debian.org) to work out the details.

Feel free to forward this message to anyone else who might be in a position
to help.

 - mdz

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